• Pullets

From time to time we have a surplus of young hens  All birds are at mixed parentage and lay medium sized eggs  Not sure of exact age as different hatching get mixed up

 When we went away in May we put all the chicks and their mothers in an old propagating house  Some are starting to lay but other may be awhile yet  

Birds may differ in colour from photo 

Over years we have had following Roosters Wyndotte, Rhode Island Red, Arucunda, Barnvelder and Orpington plus a variety of bantam roosters that have arrived on the orchard and made a home with us Also there are a few with Araucana in their parentage These lay blue/green eggs

Although I am confident that these are hens I still offer buyer a return and replacement if one should turn out to be a rooster
NOTE we do not sell the hens for eating only roosters (and we have regular customers for these)

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