Rubus fruticosus Karaka Black - Blackberry

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5cm pot

In 10 cm fibre pots

Bred in New Zealand. Karaka Black has long arching stems that bear lobed mid-green leaves and white flowers in Summer. The flowers are followed by exceptionally long and large shiny black fruit that is firm, easy to pick and above all has an excellent flavour. The berries are superb for freezing and ideal for all-purpose use. Very long season running from early July through to September. Karaka Black is quick to establish itself and very easy to grow, it also has an excellent disease resistance to downy mildew

It will tolerate moderate frost. The varieties tend to be a bit more susceptible to frost than the wild blackberry. Karaka once established should be OK to -4 or -5 deg C.

Other conditions

A well-drained but moist, fertile soil with moderate water holding capacity.

Full sun or partial shade exposure.

A fence or wall for support, as the trailing and thorny canes grow from 3 to 5 m in length.

Mulching with well-rotted compost or manure and a general fertiliser at planting time.