Muehlenbeckia astonii (Shrubby Tororaro)

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One of New Zealand\'s unusual divaricating shrubs, forming a tangled wiry mound of thin orange zigzag stems and tiny heart shaped leaves. This little shrub is often leafless in the winter.

Muehlenbeckia astonii is found in isolated patches around the eastern coast of the South Island to Banks Peninsular and around Palliser Bay in the North Island. It is now endangered in the wild. Meuhlenbeckia will grow in well drained soil in full sun and requires only a little pruning to keep in shape.

Mass planted, Muehlenbeckia will form an unusual undulating groundcover. It can be planted as a low windbreak to shelter more delicate plants in coastal gardens and can be clipped into formal or informal hedges. If given a little support (wire or netting), it can be clipped as a narrow hedge.