Soleirolia soleirolli Babys Tears

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Plant is in a 5 cm pot

(syn Helexine soleirolii) It has a number of common names :- Mind your own Business, or Peace in the Home but it gets the name of Baby’s Tears from the tiny, round leaves cascading down slender fragile stems. 

This fast growing evergreen has a low, spreading habit that spills beautifully over the sides of a container or forms a mat in open ground. It will root from the leaf nodes

If grown inside they like a light position but not direct sun or the leaves can be scorched. They also like higher humidity so put pot in a bowl or tray with some pebbles and water this will provide humidity without plant standing in water

Given enough light, it may produce tiny single white flowers.  Best in part shade, not full sun but good light.  Keep moist as it will not tolerate dry soil but will recover from short period of drying out .  Fast growing but can be trimmed to suit. 

Grows to H 10-15 cm in height and will spread a metre Hardy in most parts of North Island and costal and low land of South Island