Pomegranate Eversweet

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A fruiting plant that has ornamental value in the garden with its large showy orange-red flowers over a long period from late spring through summer.

The fruit is red with very sweet clear juice, virtually seedless. Fruit is harvested in late autumn/early winter, 5-7 months after flowering. Fruit will not ripen after harvest but immature fruit are also very sweet. Delicious in cool drinks, jellies, sauces, salads and sweet and sour cooking.The fruit has reasonable levels of vitamin C, K and B6, good levels of potassium, copper, pantothenic acid, ellagic acid and flavonoids.

It is slow growing deciduous tree growing to 3 metres and will live up to 200 years, Mature trees can produce 15 - 30 kg of fruit

Plants are self fertile and are suitable to grow in containers or could be espalliered

The Pomegranate thrives in hot dry summers but requires moisture during fruiting stage from late summer to late autumn. Is frost tolerant as it is deciduous.

Pomegranates orriginate Middle East and Asia with the fig recorded mythical and biblical writings.