Leucadendron Candy Delight

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Leucadendron with candy pink bracts


Full description:

This variety has small bracts that open to a cream throat flushed candy pink. Free flowering on a medium sized bush. 1m

Jeucadendron in well-drained, sandy or gritty soil, where the plant is exposed to full sunlight. They prefers acidic soil with a pH below 6. 

Plants like to have  a space round them to allow air circulation

 round leucadendron to provide air circulation. Don\'t allow the shrub to touch other plants.  Once established should only need watering during very dry spells. Watering should alow water to soak well in and only when dry as they do not like wet feet

 A mulch of wood chips or pine needles round the plant but not touching the trunk. Theu will only need feeding if growth appears stunted,

Prune during and after flowering to keep the shrubs full and vigorous. Prune the branches above at least four leaves and never prune leafless branches. Clip off wilted flowers to keep the plant tidy and encourage the development of new blooms.