Feijoa Bambina™

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Small fruited Feijoa with edible skin


Full description:

Feijoa sellowiana TharFiona PVR

The only dwarf-growing Feijoa has an abundance of bright red Christmas flowers followed by delicate wee fruit. Thin edible skin surrounding sweet aromatic pulp bursting with flavour. No need for the spoon.

It forms an attractive evergreen bush with a rounded canopy. Small in size, leaf, flower and fruit.on;y growing to 1.5 x 1.5m. So if looking for a Feijoa for a small garden or a large pot this could be the variety to use

 Pollination is by larger birds such as Thrushes and Black Birds. These birds will travel some distance for their food and therefore pollination in the home garden is generally not an issue with 1 plant.. Remember though planting 2 different varieties will give you a longer season of delicious fruit.

Fruit is harvested Mid-season harvest, April to May. Fruit is ready when it changes colour and drops when touched.

Flowering occurs at the base of the new season\'s growth. It is, therefore, essential to prune early in the season (if pruning is required) to ensure growth happens for flowering to occur. Pruning is required to maintain the desired shape and stimulate the production of flowering wood.