Chamaecytisus palmensis - Tree Lucerne

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A versatile shrub for nectar and firewood


Full description:

Tree lucerne is a very versatile plant. Being a member of the pea family, it helps fix nitrogen in the soil. The wood is very hard and hot burning and you can cut slim logs from the shrub

The other great asset is that it flowers early in the season providing a good supply of nectar at a time when feed for bees is short. The bees will then hopefully go on to pollinate the stone fruit and pipfruit

Tree Lucerne has masses of bright white blossoms also attracts they attract bellbirds and, in some areas the native pigeons (kereru or kuku) which love the blossoms and nectar.

The plants can grow to 4 m in 5 years or 7m when mature but they can be pruned and prunings used as stock feed They are deep rooted making them drought tolerant.

As they are short lived, they are useful as nurse plants for young native trees