Chamaecytissus palmensis (Tree Lucerne) 10cm fibre pot

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A   medium to fast-growing evergreen tree also known as Tagasaste.

Although not native it makes a good nurse plant for native plantings and a general shelter

In addition, this   versatile plant can be grown for firewood or stock feed. As it is a legume the roots will fix nitrogen in the soil

Its deep roots make it drought and wind tolerant, but it will not do well in damp areas. However, young plants are frost tender. The plant is very palatable to rabbits and possums.

The flowers are white and produced over a long period from early Spring to Autumn. They attract nectar loving birds and bees, though like other members of the bean family, it is difficult for honeybees to get at the nectar in the young flowers. The heavier bumble bees can assist with opening the flowers  

    • info tagasaste
    • Growth Rate:  Medium, Rapid
    • Height after 5 years:  4m
    • Height when mature:  7m

10 cm fibre pot