Blueberry Blue Magicâ„¢ Vaccinium ashei 'Whitu'

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A Rabbiteye variety suited to areas where less winter chil from Waikato north 

Forms an attractive all year round shrub : In  Spring - ‘Lily of the Valley’ like pink tinged white flowers, then in Summer - delicious fruit, while in Autumn/Winter - foliage takes on bronze toning\'s.

Ultimate size is 2m – 1.5m

This variety has copious amounts of delicious medium sized fruit. Thinning of the fruit will encourage larger berries. Blueberies are mainly pollinated by bumble bees or honey bees, Although  some species are self-fertile, cross pollination will improve fruit size and yield. Cross pollination another rabbiteye typesuch as with Blue Dawn or Tasty Blue.

The fruit ready for harvest in December to February. To ensure the best flavour leave fruit on bush for 7-10 days after turning blue.