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We have the following Apple Trees in stock They are bagged. 

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Guide to rootstocks

M9 and EMLA9 are dwarfing stock suited small gardens may need support

M106 Medium sized tree up to 4m

M793 Large tree suitable for planting where there have been trees before

Ariane Ripening in late summer, Ariane trees produce medium sized fruit with a sweet/sharp balanced flavour. The fruit is delicious eaten straight from the tree or refrigerated for winter eating. Self fertile
Ballarat Large, green with a red blush with creamy white flesh. Mid-late season with good keeping properties. A very vigorous tree with excellent cooking apples, and typically a good cropper
Baujade Dwarf A French bred Granny Smith-type without the thick skin of a Granny Smith apple. Ripening late season. Medium size, sweet and aromatic. Well suited to warmer areas. Disease resistant to perfect for organic growing. Spur bearing.
Braeburn This New Zealand apple is now one the world’s top commercial selections. It has delicious, crisp, juicy flesh and superb sweet-tart flavour with a noticeably aromatic aftertaste. Excellent keeper. Late season. Requires 700 chilling hours to set fruit. Spur bearing. Tree ripen the flavour is enhanced
Fuji Fuji is a large, sweet, crisp, fine textured, and complexly flavoured apple. This vigorous tree produces excellent eating fruit that store very well. A late season apple, Fuji has eating qualities that are similar to Red Delicious. Requires 500 chilling hours to set fruit. Tip bearing
Galaxy An excellent mutation of Royal Gala. Is preferred in sites and rootstocks that demand increased colour development.
Green Meadows Cox Orange Pippin Cox\'s Orange Pippin is a sweet apple with rich and nutty flavoured flesh that is very aromatic, making this older variety still a hugely popular apple. This spur bearing variety ripens early to mid season.
Granny Smith Granny Smith produces a large green fruit with a tart, well balanced flavour and crisp, juicy white flesh. A red blush appears on the skin when grown in colder areas. It crops late in the season and has a long picking period. Fruit has excellent keeping qualities. Tree is self fertile and a regular bearer that is suited to most climates. Tip bearing.  Granny Smith is an excellent pollinator for other apple varieties. 
Golden Delicious Golden Delicious produces very sweet honey flavoured fruit, especially when tree ripened. This self fertile variety crops regularly and heavily late in the season. Apples ripen yellow. It produces on both tips and spurs. Requires 700 chilling hours to set fruit.
Initial Destined for the winners podium! An exceptionally good eating, early season red Gala-type apple with high aroma, low acid and high sugar. Very productive, easy to grow and resistant to black spot disease. Spur bearing.
Kingston Black A popular late season cider apple that produces dark red fruit and makes a bitter-sweet juice. Plant in a sunny position with soil that is fertile, moist but free-draining. Partially self-fertile. Suitable pollinators include Braeburn and Golden Delicious.
Monty\'s Surprise This versatile apple is hardy variety which cooks well. Originating from a very old tree in the Manawatu, this apple ripens late in the season. The skin has a shiny red stripe over a light green 
  This New Zealand variety has distinctive, clear rose-pink skin. The flesh is firm, crisp and juicy with a rich-sweet taste. A Gala and Splendour cross, this apple reaches maturity mid-season.
Pacific Rose™
Thumbelina(tm) Mini Candy Crush ™ A cute new variety producing heavy crops of bite-sized apples that kids love.  The fruit is ripe after the leaves have fallen in autumn, usually in May in most regions. Sweet, crisp and juicy fruit with bright red skin.  Pretty white and pink spring blossoms.   Grafted onto dwarf rootstock growing to just 2m tall.