Strawberry plants

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THese are in punnets of 4 plants

WE have two varietes available Chandler and Temptation (Tm)

Strawberry Chandler

Small to very large medium red fruit. Firm light red flesh with very good flavour. Conical shape. High resistance to wet weather.

Habit - Suitable for Northern and Central districts. Multi-crowned growth habit.

Size - Give these multi crowned plants medium spacing.

Pollination - Self-fertile. Short day type - flowers are initiated by short day lengths.

Harvest - Fruit ripen 20-35 days from flowering depending on climate, with light crops in early summer followed by a main crop in December - January. Yield is very good.

Strawberry Temptation™

Fragaria X Ananassa species \'Gabrielle\' PVR

Medium bright red shiny fruit with excellent flavour. Pale firm flesh.
Protected under the Plants Variety Rights Act 1987.

Habit - Compact strong growing strawberry. Tough and resilient in relation to pest and diseases.

Size - Give these medium plants close spacing.

Pollination - Self-fertile. Only NZ bred Day Neutral strawberry which means they will set fruit regardless of how long or short the days are making this an ideal fruiter national wide. Will extend the North Island season.

Harvest - Consistent high yields of berries ripening over a long period from October to March.