Rubus pentalobus Orangeberry

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A good ground cover that will produce wdible rasberry like fruit

This plant will grow in shade but flowers best in full sun so plant in a sunny well drained site. The flpwers are like those of blackberry or raspberry. If site is t oo windy pollination from bees and other insects will be poor.

Orangeberry will tolerate some frost but the leaves may turn purple. Can grow in either sandy or clay doilas long as it is free draining

Restricting roots by planting in a pot,will encourage fruiting or plant 4 to 6 feet apart to allow them plenty of room to spread. Only feed sparingly when foliage is pale green and dry appling a potash based granular fertilizer in early spring.  Remove excess granules from the leaves. Then water with overhead irrigation to wash off any residual fertiliser. 

Prune only to restrict growth. Ideally this plant should be planted where it can grow and cover a large area without the risk of growing over paths and other plants. 

 Can suffer from Die-back fungal  infectionso will need to be sprayed if the conditions are humid and damp.