Pomegranate Wonderful

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 Vigorous and productive. Glossy leaves and bright scarlet red flowers over a long period from late spring through summer. Very large round dark purple-red fruit with medium thick rind. Deep red juicy, winey pulp with medium hard seeds

It forms a deciduous compact tree, that is great in containers or as a specim.en in the garden or even as an espalier. Delicious in cool drinks, jellies, sauces, salads and sweet and sour cooking. Harvest in late autumn/early winter, 5-7 months after flowering. Will not ripen after harvest.

It is claimed that they have reasonable levels of vitamin C, K and B6, and good levels of potassium, copper, pantothenic acid, ellagic acid and flavonoids.

Once mature the tree will produce 15-30kgs.

Plants will grow to 2 x 3 metres. and are self fertile