Medium Size Citrus Plants


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Shipping Weight:2.00kg
Citrus plants in in PB8 planter bags


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The following Citrus plants are available in PB8 planter bags Current Height 60 cm all are grafted on trufoliate rootstock

Lemonade Fast growing and bears quite heavily when young. Bears July to August. Fresh tangy flavour, fruit has pale yellow rind and relatively easy to peel.

Lemon Yen Ben Lisbon type but with a thin skin and smaller in growth. Fruits July. Fruit very juicy popular export variety.

Manderine Miho Early fruiting and easy peeling. High sugar levels in fruit. Very popular export variety.

Manderine Satsuma A very popular, sweet, seedless, easy to peel variety, ripening in June to July. Best picked as the fruit becomes puffy if left on tree.

Orange Washington Navel High quality seedless fruit of excellent flavour. Fruit ripens August and will hang on the tree for months until Harwood Late is ready. With the two varieties you can pick sweet, juicy oranges almost the year 

Tangelo Seminole Fruit is red/orange, semi-flat in shape and has very sharp, rich, juicy flesh. Maturity is variable, from late August to October