Lirope muscari Evergreen Giant

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Clumping grasslike perrenial with purple flowers


Full description:

Lirope is also sometimes called Lily Turf, is a hardy evergreen whic will form a dense groundcover in a few years when planted in masses.

As the name implies, the ‘Evergreen Giant’ cultivar is a large, clumping grass-like evergreen perennial. Its dark green foliage is accented with spikes of purple-lilac blooms during summer to autumn, followed by small, showy black fruits in fall.

In addition to its use as a groundcover, this plant looks great when used as edging along walkways or shrub borders. Can also be grown in pots 

Will grow in full sun or shade with well-drained soil and withstands frosts and coastal conditions

Grows to about 50cm in height and width.