Apodasmia similis (Oioi)

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New Zealand native reed for damp conditions


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This NZ native reed that is found throughout New Zealand in marshlands and estuaries

Also known as jointed rush as the delicate bluish grey-green leaves have brown markings or joints at various points along the leaf length

t is an extremely attractive and useful plant for wetland and landscaping  it prefers damp, swampy areas and can grow in waterprefers damp, swampy areas in full sun However once established it will tolerate dry areas. It will be slower growing and the colouring will be an attractive yellow

If you have a tricky wet spot that dries to a brick like quality in summerthis could be the pl;ant to use

It speads by rhizomes so may need to be restricted. Will grow in a container height at maturity 1 m x 1.5 m