Aciphylla glaucescens (Feathery Blue Spaniard)

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This NZ native spaniard produces rigid, spear-like blue foliage  the tips of which are quite sharp. In summer produces golden  flower spikes.  Although looks like a grass it  is not 

Tolerant of coastal sites. Effective planted among grasses, rockeries or in containers. Sun or shade. Do not overheas water on hot days or in full sunlight.

 Requires a deep, moist,and cool free draining soil allowing it to produce a deep tap root Suits a Sunny site or one with light shade. Do not remove the thatch of dead leaves as this will keep the root zone cool and moist
This plant normaly grows in alpine and coastal areas of New Zealand 
Will groe to between 0.5 and 1 m in height and width