These hazelnut bushes are from named varieties on own roots

While Hazelnuts are mainly sought after for the nuts, they also make handsome plants as a thicket hedge or screen that will also bear a little fruit. Different varieties should be planted together  as not self fertile and the catkins.are  wind pollinated of 

Will be between  4-6 years before they bear fruit but then will continue ito their 40's - 50's. Catkins bear on 1 year old shoots. The bushes or small trees grow to 5 to 10 m

Grow in free draining soil. Hazelnuts are frost hardy to -14ยบ, when catkins are hardy to -8. Trees like warm summer, but need cool winters.

Further information on growing hazelnuts or setting up an orchard can be found at HAZELNUT

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Corylus avellana

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