A number of trays have lost their labels but they are from the following varieties

Pollination is by birds so for good crop 2 trees near each other

If buying more than one will get range of different varieties

Apollo Mid season (March April). Older variety large fruit heavy cropper. Large fruit, moderately rough skin. Mild aromatic and sweet flavour. Smooth texture flesh and very juicy. Medium to high pulp content. Partially self fertile. Upright in growth, vigorous habit.

Gemini Early fruiting (Feb March) Good cropper Small to medium sized fruit, Smooth dark green skin. Slightly gritty, soft and juicy flesh with good flavour. Medium pulp content. Upright spreading habit. Best with other Feijoas

Mammoth Is mid to late season. Older very reliable producing heavy crops of very large oval fruit with good flesh texture soft and juicy but tendency to some hollowness. Triumph is a good pollinator. 2m Ripens April.

Triumph Is a late season variety Fruit is medium sized moderately soft and juicy some graininess but good flavour Easy to grow Yields are good. Mammoth is a suitable pollinator. 2m x 2m.

Unique As a self fertile variety, Unique is a prolific bearer of fruit from a young age. Medium size fruit with smooth, soft and juicy flesh. Early season.

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Large Fruited Feijoa

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